Pokenori​​ Sushi​​ Burrito ​​and​​ Bowl ​​Brings Current​​ Food Craze​​ to​​ Spartanburg

by Kennedy Pritchard 

The​​ nation’s​​ new ​​favorite ​​food​​ trends, ​​the ​​poke ​​bowl​​ and​​ the​​ sushi​​ burrito,​​ have​​ finally made ​​its​​ way​​ to​​ the​​ Upstate.​​ Poke,​​ pronounced ​​POH-keh,​​ is ​​basically​​ a​​ customizable ​​bowl​​ of cubed​​ fish served​​ over ​​rice, ​​otherwise ​​known​​ as​​ deconstructed ​​sushi, ​​making ​​the​​ meal​​ healthy, delicious ​​and ​​one-of-a-kind. ​​Pokenori​​ has​​ brought​​ Spartanburg​​ their ​​own​​ take​​ on​​ the​​ unique concept​​ of​​ Hawaiian ​​poke​​ to ​​adventurous​​ eaters​​ in​​ the​​ area.
Pokenori ​​was ​​recently​​ opened ​​this ​​summer​​ on​​ June​​ 26.​​

fyytLocated ​​in ​​the​​ Downtown​​ are ​​at 119 ​​N.​​Church ​​Street,​​ Pokenori​​ is ​​the ​​first ​​Poke​​ restaurant ​​in ​​Spartanburg.​​ The ​​restaurant ​​is opened ​​seven ​​days ​​a​​ week, ​​although​​ the​​ hours​​ vary. ​​Monday​​ through​​ Thursday​​ Pokenori​​ is opened ​​11 ​​AM ​​to​​ 3​​ PM ​​and ​​5​​ PM​​ to​​ 9:30PM, ​​Friday​​ from​​ 11​​ AM ​​to​​ 3 ​​PM ​​and​​ 5 ​​PM ​​to​​ 10​​ PM, Saturday 12 ​​PM​​ to​​ 3 PM ​​and​​ 5​​ PM ​​to​​ 10​​ PM,​​ and​​ Sunday​​ 12 ​​PM ​​to ​​3 ​​PM​​ and ​​5 ​​PM​​ to​​ 9:30 ​​PM.

Every​​ meal​​ at ​​Pokenori ​​is​​ made ​​to ​​order. ​​The​​ customer​​ orders ​​whichever ​​form ​​of ​​poke they ​​prefer,​​ poke​​ bowl,​​ poke​​ salad,​​ or​​ sushi​​ burrito,​​ then​​ they​​ can ​​customize ​​it​​ by ​​adding ​​the numerous ​​different ​​proteins, ​​vegetables,​​ sauces, ​​and​​ other​​ add-ons. ​​For ​​indecisive​​ guests,​​ the restaurant ​​also​​ offers​​ “Pokenori​​ Classic​​ Signatures” ​​which​​ are​​ meals​​ that ​​the ​​restaurant ​​have previously ​​created ​​and​​ perfected​​ so​​ the ​​customer​​ does ​​not ​​have ​​to​​ decide​​ every​​ topping​​ and element​​ that ​​goes ​​into​​ their​​ meal.​​ The ​​menu​​ is​​ available ​​on​​ their ​​website, ​​where ​​they​​ also​​ offer an​​ option ​​for ​​customers ​​to ​​order ​​online ​​for ​​pick​​up.

The​​ quality​​ and ​​freshness​​ of​​ the ​​food​​ was​​ excellent​​ and​​ was ​​worth​​ every​​ penny, although Pokenori​​ is​​ definitely​​ budget ​​friendly, ​​with​​ all​​ dishes ​​costing ​​under ​​ten​​ dollars,​​unless ​​you ​​decide to​​ add​​ extras,​​ which​​ are​​ $1.95.
The ​​overall ​​appearance​​ of ​​Pokenori​​ is ​​modern ​​and ​​trendy. ​​As​​ soon​​ as​​ you ​​walk​​through the​​ doors,​​ you​​ are​​ immediately​​ transported ​​to ​​a ​​coastal ​​Hawaiian ​​town​​ with​​ tropical​​ and​​ beachy vibes. ​​Just ​​by​​ standing​​ in ​​this ​​restaurant,​​ you ​​would​​ never ​​guess​​ you ​​were in ​​Spartanburg,​​ South Carolina.​​ This​​ place ​​is ​​full​​ of​​ modern ​​art​​ and​​ is​​ adorned​​ with ​​stylish ​​decor ​​which​​ attracts​​ the extensive ​​amount​​ of​​ people ​​in ​​Spartanburg​​ who​​ are ​​eager​​ for ​​something​​ new.

Pokenori ​​is​​ appropriately ​​spacious​​ and ​​seems ​​to​​ have​​ no​​ problems ​​with​​ seating ​​their guests. ​​The ​​restaurant​​ has ​​a​​ variety ​​of​​ seating ​​choices; ​​inside,​​ at ​​a​​ high-top ​​table​​ or ​​booth​​ by​​ the window,​​ or​​ outside,​​ under ​​a ​​large​​ awning.

I​​ would​​ certainly ​​recommend ​​this ​​restaurant ​​to ​​others.​​ The ​​food​​ was​​ exquisite, ​​beautiful, and ​​tasty. ​​The​​ service​​ and​​ staff​​ were ​​kind​​ and​​ helpful, ​​especially ​​when​​ asked ​​their​​ opinion ​​on which​​ a ioli ​​pairs ​​best ​​with​​ spicy​​ tuna.​​ Pokenori​​ provides ​​a​​ mellow​​ atmosphere​​ with Instagram-worthy ​​food ​​that​​ will​​ not​​ disappoint​​ and ​​will​​ definitely​​ exceed​​ all ​​expectations.


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