We are here to bring current events and information to the Dorman student body! This includes movie/music reviews, school spirit weeks, sports, and other articles that could be interesting to both students and faculty alike!


Bailey Adkins, staff writer
Sarah Biggerstaff, junior editor
Hope Culbreth, photography editor
Hampton Ford, staff writer
Tylen Fowler, sports editor
David Hawkins, webmaster
Benjamin Jeffries, staff writer
Cole Kennington, sports editor
Haley Mainville, content editor
Jayson Massey, staff writer
Eva Patnoude, junior editor
Joye Smith, layout editor

Website Staff:

David Hawkins, webmaster
Haley Mainville, co-webmaster
Hannah Herring, contributor
Makaria Sanders, contributor
Benjamin Jeffries, contributor
Hope Culbreth, contributor


Jennifer Gallman

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