DHS Metal Detectors: A Necessity or Lack of Privacy?

by Hannah Herring

Dorman High School is known for it’s beautiful campus and that includes it’s impressive stadium. Recently, metal detectors were placed near the entrance-way to the stadium, forcing everyone to be inspected before entering. Is this new addition a great safety precaution, or is it impeding on the privacy of those who enter?

Some may feel that these metal detectors take away the privacy of those who enter. Is it really necessary to inspect a person’s bag and search them for weapons? The majority of people who attend Dorman football games are students, teachers, and parents, so why would anyone want to harm others during a game?

Friday night football is meant to be a way for everyone to come together after a long week of school or work. However, with football games comes rowdiness, and, sometimes, nothing good can come out of rowdy fans.

The metal detectors placed outside of the stadium are meant to increase the security during the games and the safety of those who enter. Jackson Ledford, a junior at Dorman, said, “I think the metal detectors are necessary because they make me feel safe.” Placing metal detectors near the gates of the stadium makes it very difficult to bring harmful weapons inside.

The addition of metal detectors outside of the stadium are meant to protect, not hinder. Precautions need to be taken in order to prevent any weapons from causing injuries during the football games.

Even though these extra steps can be a hassle, they increase security during the game. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.



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