3 Easy DIY Costumes For Your Dog

by Kennedy Pritchard

Wonder Bread

Materials Needed:

  • A loaf of wonder bread
  • Scissors
  • A dog (preferably a small one)


  1. Take all of the bread out of the bag
  2. Cut the end of the bag so that there is now two openings (one for the head and one for the tail)
  3. Cut a square big enough for all of the dog’s legs to fit in
  4. Carefully put the bag over the dog’s head and the rest over his or her body
  5. Secure the opening of the end of the bag with the tail with the bread tie


A Ghost

Materials Needed:

  • A white pillowcase or sheet
  • Scissors
  • A dog


  1. Cut holes in the sheet or pillowcase big enough for the dogs eyes and muzzle
  2. Put sheet or pillowcase over the dog’s body so that the holes are lined up correctly



Beanie Baby

Materials Needed:

  • 2 pieces of white card stock paper
  • Gold marker
  • Red marker
  • Black marker or pencil
  • White ribbon
  • Scissors


  1. Cut out a heart in each of the cardstock paper
  2. On one heart write “TY” and color red all around it
  3. Outline heart and “TY” in gold
  4. On other heart write your Dog’s name, date of birth, and a small, cheesy poem about your dog (mimicking an actual beanie baby tag)
  5. Cut a small hole in the corner of both hearts
  6. String together two hearts with ribbon
  7. Tie ribbon around the dog’s neck




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