Old Fashion Trends are Making Comebacks

by Hannah Herring

At some time in your life, your parents probably mentioned the “bold” fashion choices they made growing: bell-bottoms, platform boots, or leg warmers. They may have also mentioned their fashion trends are returning as people begin to wear outfits of the previous decades. I doubt platform boots and leg warmers will make a return any time soon, but some fashion trends are resurfacing.

Scrunchies! This 80s accessory was worn to add a pop of color to an outfit as women used them to tie their hair in high ponytails. Celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and the daughters from the hit TV show, Full House, wore scrunchies. And yes, they have made a return as more and more girls begin accessorizing with them.

Mom jeans! Let’s face it. We all used to laugh at old photos of our moms wearing mom jeans, but we can’t laugh anymore. This 90s look is making a comeback as new styles are emerging.

Converse! Up until a few years ago, the Converse trend had faded away. Worn throughout the 80s and 90s, Converse shoes were a staple— seen in movies such as Grease and Footloose. As much as we hate to admit, we all have purchased or have thought about purchasing a pair of Converse sneakers. I can’t be the only one who owns three pair!

Well, there you have it. As much as we’d like to prove our parents wrong, fashion trends from previous decades are making comebacks. Let’s just hope parachute pants and sweatbands stay in the past!


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