A Breath of Life for Spartanburg’s Montgomery Building!

by David Hawkins

The Montgomery Building has stood for 93 years as a historical landmark in Spartanburg. The structure was erected in 1924 as an office building for textiles and cotton. It also housed a theatre/auditorium and a radio/television station. The Montgomery Building remained the tallest building in Spartanburg until the 1950’s.

BF Spartanburg LLC has announced that they will be renovating the building for $25 million. They will be renovating the building as a space for apartments, offices, and retail. This will include 72 upscale apartments, more than 9,000 sq. feet of office space, and more than 9,500 sq. feet of restaurant and retail space in the iconic building.

The renovation will  not include the Carolina Theater due to it being donated to the Palmetto Trust for Historic Preservation. The Palmetto Trust will attempt to find an investor for the building, something that they failed at with the Bon Haven Mansion. While the Bon Haven mansion on the north side of town is set for demolition there is still hope for the Carolina Theater.


The renovations will likely bring more jobs to Spartanburg and it will help bring more people to Spartanburg along with the new Marriott Hotel.

The project is slated to be finished in August 2018


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