How to know if you are in a Toxic environment.

This can go for friendships, churches, or any type of relationship.

  • Do you dread going and seeing them?
  • Is it physically, emotionally, and/or mentally draining?
  • Do you apologize for everything even when it’s not your fault?
  • Have you ever cried over a fight or disagreement because you felt like it was all your fault and you would be the reason that you leave each other’s lives?
  • Have you stopped being friend or as close to someone because of them?
  • If you started getting close to that friend again did they make you feel bad for it and when you said sorry but it wasn’t going to change did they start acting cold towards you?
  • Do you ever sit and just think about everything you have done for them and they have yet to do something for you?
  • Have you been told multiple times they are toxic?
  • Can you go a normal amount of time without talking to them, but then they get mad because you took a normal amount of time away from them?
  • If you tried to leave did they use the “well I’ve done…for you” speech to make you stay.
  • Do they make you feel like all your free time needs to be with them or you aren’t a real friend?
    Last but not least.
  • Did you read all of this hopeful to find the answer you wanted because the other articles and test you took told you they were toxic but that’s not what you want to hear so your trying to find something that says they aren’t toxic.
    Honey I hate to tell you this but they are toxic and no matter how hard you try to change that it won’t happen they have to change not you. Stop wasting your energy on trying to change for then and fine better people that aren’t toxic and that you don’t have to change for, but also don’t hate yourself for ending up in a toxic relationship of any type. People that are toxic normally are very good at manipulation and that’s something hard to see through. Just end the relationship as soon as you are comfortable and learn to be happy with yourself and friends that are true.

Written by Mazie-Grace Etters



We are the staff of Dorman High School's newspaper, The Cavalier. We work hard to find the news about our school and to involve students, teachers, and faculty.

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