Being Vegan?

To vegetarians and carnivores alike, being vegan can seem extreme and undoable. However, due to environment and health concern, veganism is on the rise and many companies are taking note of the plant-based craze. 

    As defined by Healthline, veganism is “a lifestyle that excludes all animal products and attempts to limit the exploitation of animals as much as possible.” This excludes all animal products such as meat, dairy, eggs, fur, and fish. For most of their time, vegans have relied on homemade meals and “accidentally vegan” products like Oreos and Lay’s Barbecue chips. Now, restaurants like KFC, Burger King, and Dunkin’ are producing plant based options and here’s a list of foods they offer.

  1. Burger King

From breakfast to lunch, Burger King has options for those looking for something quick, and good. 

In the morning, try their French Toast Sticks. Then for lunch, order their Impossible Whopper (without mayo). And BTW, their fries are vegan too.

  1. Chipotle Mexican Grill

Order any burrito or bowl with Sofritas as your protein, make sure to leave off the cheese and sour cream and your order is vegan! 

  1. Taco Bell

When you order any item on the Taco Bell vegetarian menu with beans instead of meat and ordering it “Fresco Style,” your order is made vegan!

  1. Dunkin’

Dunkin’ has recently started serving Beyond Meat as an option for their breakfast sandwiches, and when you order without eggs and milk it is made vegan. If you aren’t feeling fake meat the Cinnamon Raisin and the Everything bagels and the hashbrowns are also good options

With other restaurants that didn’t make this list and many more restaurants making developments, like KFC who piloted Beyond Meat in select locations, more vegan options are coming our way, and the vegan lifestyle is becoming easier every day. 

By Rylei Powell


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