The Princess and the Pirates

         The Princess and the Pirates is a show about a young girl that wants to play video games and not do homework. As her grandfather explains to her the importance of month she doesn’t listen until he starts telling her a story about a young Princess. The Princess is just like her and wants to only just play video games and not do her math. The sibble or teacher tales the parents to ground her and not let her have anything gaming related until school and homework is done. This all leads up to the family getting kidnapped by the Pirates is search for land to rule over. They end up throwing the Princess off the ship where she finds the mermaids. Using the math she was forcefully taught she finds her family and saves them from the Pirates. As the girl back in her room is told this story by her grandfather she starts to understand the importance of her homework and math.

This short play is definitely aimed towards young kids, but still has a really good message for the older kids that want to go watch it. It’s funny, light hearted, and will make your younger self come out with all the Pirates, Princess, and Meremadies. It’s definitely something that will hook you in and make you ingaged the entire time. I give this play done by Dorman a 10/10 with cast,prop,custom, and story telling wise. Next time you have a chance to see this play definitely go for a laugh. 

by Mazie Grace Etters


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