The 2019-20 Dorman Theatre Season

Yesterday was the Cavvies. This the end of the year event that is a culmination of a season’s worth of dedication. It is a banquet, an induction ceremony, an award show, and the reveal for next season.

A typical season includes a summer camp musical, an outreach children’s show, a fall show, a dinner theatre murder mystery, and a district-wide musical. This past season was unorthodox due to the Marvel One Act plays replacing the dinner theatre. This upcoming season, the dinner theatre is back.

2019-2020 Season

Not pictured on the season line up is the summer camp musical, Frozen, Jr. The Dorman Theatre will be the first in the upstate getting to produce this take on the modern Disney tale. The licensing rights were just recently made available in January of this year. The musical includes classic songs such as “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?” and “Let It Go.”

The outreach children’s show is The Princess & the Pirates. This story has been compared to The Princess Bride and the Prince and the Pauper. It the story of Margaret, who enjoys video games more than he homework. In this story she will realize there are real-life applications for mathematics! This show will be directed by Leah Wren.

The Diviners is the fall show and seems to already be a favorite for theatre students. Like this past season’s Little Women, we will be having another period piece. This story takes place in a south Indiana town in the 1930’s. It focuses on the friendship between a disenchanted preacher and a disturbed young man. It is a story of trauma, spirituality, and friendship. This show will be directed by Pamela Haloulos.

Clue: On Stage comes straight from family game night. This popular board game follows a dinner party in which the party’s host has been mysteriously murdered. Through the dark and stormy night, they must find out who the culprit is. It is sure to be fun to follow Scarlet, Plum, White, Green, Peacock, and Mustard as they race to figure out who committed the murder before the body count stacks up. This show will be directed by Blair Dawkins.

The district wide musical, Matilda, will end the theatre season. This is the widely known story of sharp witted girl who takes command of her own destiny despite all of the factors working against her. Matilda must rise above his un-supportive family and the tyrannical Miss Trunchbull. This show will be directed by Leah Wren.


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