Upstate Haunted Trails

by Tristyn Vincelette

October is here and with that comes, in my opinion, the best holiday of the year… Halloween! Movies and candy and trails, oh my! Haunted trails are becoming more and more popular, especially with students. Whether it’s working in one or going through one, people love a good scare.

This month I’m on a mission to fulfill my love for all things scary by going to any and all trails in the upstate. Here are some haunt reviews from one Halloween freak to the next.


Sweet Dreams is located in Easley, SC. You may be offered some brain stew by the local hillbilly or see an odd take on acrobatics, body suspension, as you walk to the ticket booth. Other than dedicated actors, what really sets this haunt apart is their option of “R rated” tickets; I highly recommend. If you dare to purchase this version of the ticket, you can be further harassed by the monsters, as in touching and foul language. If you are looking for an extreme scare, this trail is for you.


Treedines is found in Piedmont, SC. A seemingly small backyard trail, it was pleasantly surprising. On it’s off season, this trail is a plant nursery but transformed into a nightmare come fall. What it lacked in numbers and acting, it made up for in scene creativity. I can’t say it’s the best I’ve ever been to but it definitely sparked my interest.


Madworld is right off the highway in Piedmont, SC. You can definitely spot it from a mile away with a DJ on top of one building and the fire shooting out of the top of another. Everything is one step above your average haunts; entertainment, makeup, props, effects, structures. If you are looking for a more mainstream, less of a small town mood, this is it.


The Fear Farm is located in Blacksburg, SC. This haunt has multiple parts to its attraction with different themes in each, along with an escape room. One of the most eye catching things was “The Abyss”, a blackout maze that you could, and I did, get stuck in forever. Not only that, but be prepared for creepy clowns, psycho dentists and dangerous hillbillies. After suffering a devastating fire last season, they have bounced back and are better than ever.


Nightmare Hollow found in Spartanburg, SC, is only 12 minutes from our very own Dorman High School. You are sure to see some fellow students here after football games or on a weekend night. As the hometown haunt, this trail has a special place in my heart. The dedication in this trail shows in its scares, actors, makeup and sets. From the iconic insane asylum, to the chainsaw-happy clowns, this one has it all.


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