by Tariq Jeffries

A fairly new addition to downtown Spartanburg is FR8yard. Dog owners, sports fans, and food lovers can all feel at home in the outdoor restaurant with its unique building design, a massive T.V constantly showing sports, a dog friendly environment, and perfect food for the game.

FR8yard’s building gives rise to its name. All of its components are made of freight shipping containers stacked between each other to make the kitchen bathrooms and registers. They use this to provide seating above the shipping container and in front of the building.

FR8yard is run by the same people who run Willy Taco, a well-known restaurant in Spartanburg.

FR8yard serves the best hot dogs, grilled chicken, and grilled cheeses in Spartanburg. The hot dogs are served however you want and come in beef franks and bratwurst. The television is the centerpiece of the area playing whatever seasonal sporting event is going on. They also have a stage set up for performing artist to play live music.

You can come eat good food, watch a game with your friends, using the area as a place to congregate. With a lively atmosphere and great music, this might be Spartanburg’s next best hangout spot and restaurant. 


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