Remaining Stress Free During The Most Stressful Time

by Hannah Herring

It’s that time of year again.

SAT and ACT cram sessions have begun, AP exams are slowly approaching, and everyone is starting to ask about college and future plans. Spring semester, known for it’s warmer weather and new classes, is, unfortunately, known to juniors and seniors as crunch time. The stress levels are high, and the amount of sleep is low.

Here are a few tips to decrease that stress load, allowing the last bit of high school to become memorable and enjoyable:

Tip 1:

Don’t procrastinate. High school is all fun and games until you realize you’ve missed the sign-up deadline for the SAT, or you’ve forgot to apply for scholarships. Second semester can seem a bit overwhelming due to the many deadlines and test dates, so don’t wait until the last minute to approach these topics, and add extra, unnecessary stress.

Tip 2:

Take advantage of every opportunity. As tedious as it may seem, checking the scholarships and opportunities bulletins and visiting college websites can give you information about upcoming scholarships or college visits. If you aren’t happy with your ACT or SAT scores, look for a study program that appeals to you on the bulletins. These opportunities, whatever they may be, may open doors pertaining to your future. Take advantage of them!

Tip 3:

IMPORTANT: Take the time to enjoy high school. It’s extremely easy to get caught up in future plans, your GPA, or even current grades and, in the process, forget to enjoy your high school experience. Cheer on the Cavaliers during sporting events or attend a school play in the fine arts center because although making future plans is a must, don’t forget to appreciate high school. 


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