The Snow Queen

Dorman theater’s Instagram post of the seniors who performed in The Snow Queen. (@dormantheatre)

By Jacob Peeler and Fahad Bin-Jabbar

The Snow Queen is a family-friendly, loving story about a girl named Gerda who goes to great lengths to find her “sister-friend,”  Kai, who the Snow Queen captures. The story starts off with the two sisters, Kai and Gerda, interacting with each other, and then, the evil Snow Queen whisking Kai away from her loved ones— all beginning Gerda’s quest to rescue Kai.

In Dorman’s production of The Snow Queen, along the way, Gerda met wacky, new characters. One group, in particular, were the birds who helped Gerda find her sister. This group strengthened the play as they brought in humor that kept the audience engaged.

The story wrapped up nicely with the addition of a fight scene at the end of the performance. This scene was not originally in the script. It was written in by Kalista Pedersen and Hope Rollins to give the play a conclusion.

Overall, the characters really shined throughout the performance, specifically when the cast members joined the audience off-stage, in order to bring the story to life and create a lightened atmosphere.



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