One Way to Prepare Yourself For Your Future Career

By Hannah Herring

As high school students, we are often asked, “what would you like to do after you graduate?” We have put off this question for years, but as graduation becomes less of a goal and more of a reality, we realize that there is life after high school. Here at Dorman High, students have endless opportunities to better their education and prepare themselves for the road ahead. One great way students can equip themselves is by being able to preview a particular job they are interested in pursuing.

         The Dorman High School Shadowing Program engages students by connecting them with outside sources that can help give insight into occupations that interest them. One junior, Jocelinn Chavez said, “I want to be a pediatric nurse, so this program will help me because I can learn more about that career.” Although Jocelinn would like to be a pediatric nurse, she has never had the experience. Being given a visual of what the job consists of could help her make decisions about her future.

         According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about 80 percent of students in the United States end up changing their major at least once. The Shadowing Program at Dorman High School gives students a chance to get their feet wet before making any drastic decisions about their majors. Because junior year is when students begin making decisions about college, this program is a great opportunity for students to start on the right track in furthering their careers.


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