Latte & Learn: Dr. Lauren Johnson

by David Hawkins

For the last Latte & Learn, the guest was a veterinarian named Dr. Lauren Johnson. While speaking to Dorman students she covered both the pros and cons of being a veterinarian. The pros include high paying jobs, interesting work days, and it is a great career choice for animal lovers.

In terms of cons, Johnson mentioned student debt. Like any other medical profession, there is a lot of education and experience needed to acquire a good position.

(Taken by David Hawkins)

Johnson attended Wofford College  for four years, went to a veterinary school in the Caribbean for a year and a half, before going to the University of Georgia to finish school. This much schooling caused a good amount of debt which is why Dorman encourages students to look into scholarships and grants. You may not be able to get a full ride through college but you will definitely be able to lessen the load.

Be sure to check out the career center for more information on this career and you can learn from other professionals at Latte & Learn when it resumes next semester.


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