Latte & Learn: Quan Ellison

by David Hawkins

At Latte & Learn in the career center, Students get to enjoy a coffee, food, and a speaker. These speakers will give them insight into different career paths and how to begin on that path while still in high school. Latte & Learn is just one of the many tools that Dorman offers students to enable them to get ahead of the game.

Quan Ellison (Taken by David Hawkins)

Quan Ellison is a former member of the Dorman Newspaper and now is both a radio and television personality. While at Dorman, Ellison was able to get a job shadowing opportunity at a television station and it got to go on air early on.

He said that it is important to make connections while instead high school instead of waiting until after graduation. This is important because Dorman offers a lot of opportunities such as job shadowing. While at Dorman you can get connected to students who might be going into a similar field, staff members who can equip you with the tools needed, and companies that offer internships.

(Taken by David Hawkins)

Ellison was part of the Dorman class of 2015. He was once a student just like you may be. He once walked the same hallways, had the same teachers, and was most likely faced with the same stress of school work. He   mentioned that he felt that he wasn’t ‘talented enough’ to pursue his dreams but he got there. And you can to.

Quan Ellison expressed that he plans on doing more television work later on. He also enjoys highlighting individuals or organizations who make a different in South Carolina. He is still on the road to his dreams and so are you.

Quan Ellison with students who attended Latte & Learn this morning. (Taken by David Hawkins)

If you’re a Dorman student, remember to talk to your teachers and make those life-lasting connections that will benefit you in the long run. Make sure to come out to the last Latte & Learn of the semester this Tuesday, December 6.



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