Dorman’s Production of Harvey

by Hope Culbreth

On Thursday November 17, Dorman High School Drama performed the play Harvey. Harvey was a hilarious comedy. The play features a man named Elwood P. Dowd (Kyle McIntyre) who lives in the old Dowd family mansion with his sister Veta (Kristina Thacker) and her daughter Myrtle Mae (Leena Bishop). Elwood has a best friend named Harvey  that only he can see. Due to no one seeing Harvey except Elwood, Veta and Myrtle Mae almost have Elwood committed to a sanitarium called Chumley’s Rest.  Harvey is a 6’1.5” white puka that is only visible to Elwood and occasionally Veta and Dr. Chumley (Zach Urban). The actors of the play pulled this illusion off perfectly; by the end of the play, everyone could practically see a giant white rabbit standing in between the other cast members as they all took a bow. As always, the hard-working department has done a marvelous job with this performance. The sets were beautifully crafted, the characters felt realistic, and the crew was very efficient.

Potrait of the late Mrs Dowd.jpg


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