Dorman Students Sport Their Camo Attire!

by David Hawkins

Camouflage is a southern staple as it is often associated with hunting. Today, for the second day of Farmer’s Week, students donned their camo attire. Students wore everything from military uniforms to camouflage overalls!

Wendy Vorn and CJ Sturgill (Courtesy of Wendy Vorn)
Abby Nodine, Ariel Allison, Laurel Jones, and Madison League (Courtesy of Laurel Jones)
Haley and Laurel Jones (Courtesy of Laurel Jones)
Brady Smith and Jacob Johnson (Taken by David Hawkins)
Chris Skinner and Hannah Smith in military uniforms (Taken by David Hawkins)
Lindsey Stavallo (Taken by David Hawkins)

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