Dorman Cavaliers Get Preppy!

by David Hawkins

Dorman versus Spartanburg High, the Cavaliers versus the Vikings, the Farmers versus the Preps. Today Dorman students dressed like ‘preps/frats’ to celebrate this week of rivalry.

Lizzie Crawford, Elizabeth Ford, and Ariel Allison (Courtesy of Elisabeth Ford)
Shelby Melton and Lily Ferrel (Courtesy of Lily Ferrel)
Kat Price and Aaron Little (Courtesy of Kat Price)
Ariel Allison and Laurel Jones (Courtesy of Ariel Allison)
Ariel Allison, Sara Faucett, Elisabeth Ford, and Ashlyn Martin (Courtesy of Ariel Allison)
Samantha Xavier, Maya Logan, Kacie Tobias, Wendy Vorn, and Abita Ghandi (Courtesy of Samantha Xavier)
Samantha Xavier and Wendy Vorn (Courtesy of Samantha Xavier)

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