The BFG Review

by Hope Culbreth

The Big Friendly Giant was a hilarious, light-hearted, and family-oriented play. I’m so glad that I was able to this amazing production of the BFG produced and performed by DHS drama department. Kalista Pederson, the manager of the production did a wonderful job with the sets and the play turned out awesome. There were so many elements to this production that it felt professional. This play had many different elements incorporated into it: humour, adventure, and a bit of action. The performers had the audience rolling on the floor in scenes like the “whizzpop” music and screaming in terror when the giants ate their friends and family. Their wonderful attitude and atmosphere helped make this production so nice to see.   Performers dedicated the last two weeks of their summer to making this production as spectacular as it was. Thankfully, all their hard work paid off with this lovely production. The drama department will be putting on the production of Harvey, Death by Dessert, and to end off the year, Shrek the Musical


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