Farmer’s Week Kicks Off With ‘Murica Day!

by David Hawkins

To celebrate the annual game against Dorman High and Spartan High we have a week to pump the Cavalier school body up.

The next begins with a day to celebrate both school pride and patriotism.

(Taken by Eva Patnoude)
Picture of sophomores, McKayla Jackson and Kat Price. (Courtesy of  Kat Price)
Olivia Foltz and Wendy Vorn (Courtesy of Wendy Vorn)
Wendy Vorn and Thalia Williams (Courtesy of Wendy Vorn)
Aubree Joi, Mrs. Hrubula, and Mackenzie Roper. (Courtesy of Mackenzie Roper)
Aubree Joi and Mackenzie Roper (Courtesy of Mackenzie Roper)
Austin Prim and Wendy Vorn (Courtesy of Austin Prim)

Tomorrow will be Camo day so sport your camouflage clothes!


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