Dorman’s Fall Concert

by Hope Culbreth

The Dorman High School Chorus and Symphony created a wonderful, powerful, and rich sound at the Fall Concert. The concert began with the two musical groups performing together. The beautiful notes of “Gloria” by Antonio Vivaldi was a nice way to begin the concert. Another lovely and moving piece called “October” by Eric Whitacre created a magical atmosphere with the addition of bells in the background. The lovely rhythm lulled the audience peacefully with solos from Lucas Miller on cello and Adallas Gibson on viola.  A personal favorite of the concert had to be the chorus’ performance of the energetic and fast paced “Ritmo” by Dan Davidson. The chorus moved perfectly in sync with fascinating hand movements that went along with the beat. Last night’s concert came to a close with a slow tempo soft section of “Requiem” by Maurice Durufle’. This concert was a calming and enjoyable way to end the day.


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