Farmers’ Week @ Dorman!

by David Hawkins

Dorman High School has an annual game against our cross town rivals, Spartanburg High School. They call us “farmers” so we spend a week leading up to the annual football game to celebrate our farmer pride.

One of the Farmer’s Week posters that can be found throughout the Dorman halls. (Taken by David Hawkins)

On Monday we will celebrate our country with ‘Merica. This can include American flags and other signs of patriotism.

On Tuesday we will wear camo, based on hunters. Camo is popular through the south so wear anything camo you own.

On Wednesday we will mock our rivals with Preppy day. Wear your preppiest clothes to mimic Spartanburg High!

On Thursday we will wear Hawaiian/beach style clothes! This is similar to Thursday of Homecoming Week so you can check that post for ideas!

On Friday we will wear our farmers attire and that night will be the game versus Spartanburg High which will take place right here at home!


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