Dorman Dons Superhero T-Shirts for Jacob Hall!

by David Hawkins

In some recent events, a six year old named Jacob Hall has tragically passed away. On Wednesday he had a superhero themed funeral and people all over the country showed their support by wearing t-shirts featuring their favorite superheroes. Here at Dorman plenty of Cavaliers came in their superhero shirts.

Laurel Jones, Junior, and Ariel Allison, Sophomore, donning the Kryptonian symbol of hope, Superman! (Courtesy of Laurel Jones and Ariel Allison)

Kayla Johnson[Senior], Haley Parnel[Junior], Beth Parris[Sophomore], and Alayna Harding[Sophomore] wearing Captain America, Superman, and Batman! (Courtesy of Beth Parris)
Jacob Hall was a fan of superheroes and superheroes are ingrained in our culture. We look to heroes, both ordinary and extraordinary, when things get difficult. With Jacob Hall’s passing, we can remember that we live in a crazy world that is in need of heroes. As you walk the Dorman hallways and all throughout your day-to-day life remember that the little good deeds you do make a difference. We are all heroes in our own way and when we start acting like it, that’s when there will less headlines like Townville Elementary.


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