College Comes to Dorman!

by David Hawkins

Dorman’s College Fair had 72+ colleges visiting the school. The class of 2017 were the first to visit since this year they will be leaving Dorman. As a college bound school we make sure to give everyone the tools to go to college. This includes updated information on scholarships, college visits, and classes to help prepare them.

Each of our students have different abilities, talents, and interests so it is important for them to find a college that suits them best. With such a large number of colleges from all over the country, Dorman is sure to find a college for everybody.

A JROTC student speaks with the US military. (Taken by Haley Mainville)
Clemson University (Taken by Hope Culbreth)
Seniors looking at college brochures. (Taken by Haley Mainville)
Erskine University (Taken by David Hawkins)
Winthrop University (Taken by Hope Culbreth)
Roanoke College (Taken by David Hawkins)
University of South Carolina (Taken by Hope Culbreth)
Display for the Universal Technical Institute (Taken by Haley Mainville)
Pfieffer University (Taken by Haley Mainville)
Students filling out information for college. (Taken by Haley Mainville)

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