Gallery: Dorman Versus Rock Hill

by David Hawkins

After a week of spirit the day was here: our Homecoming football game. Students were excited for the game against Rock Hill. After beating Hillcrest 37-34 we were ready to defeat Rock Hill. In addition to the game, we also got to find out who the Homecoming Queen was.

A pregame Tailgate party! Pictured above is (Taken by David Hawkins)

Sports Editor and #20, Tylen Fowler practices pregame. (Taken by David Hawkins)
Dorman band. (Taken by David Hawkins)
Student Section is ready for the game. (Taken by David Hawkins)
The football team getting ready to be unleashed upon the field. (Taken by David Hawkins)
JROTC celebrating a touchdown. (Taken by David Hawkins)
(Taken by Hampton Ford)
JROTC (Taken by David Hawkins)
Kienan Holmes, Tyrelle Earles, Markell Letmon,Matthew Creal, Deonte Holley chilling on the bench. (Taken by David Hawkins)
Dorman Cheerleaders (Taken by David Hawkins)
Austin Prim, Greyson Turner, Will Graham in student section. (Taken by David Hawkins)
On the sidelines the football team watches film. (Taken by David Hawkins)
Matthew Creal, #13, on the sidelines. (Taken by David Hawkins)
Emma Younger and Savannah Duke (Taken by David Hawkins)
(Taken by David Hawkins)
The cheerleaders threw a couple pom-poms into student section. (Taken by David Hawkins)

The game ended with a miraculous 27-24. Dorman was conquering Rock Hill for most of the game but they began to catch up in the last quarter. Student section held their breath as the teams became tied. Davis Rogers, #41, made a field goal in the last few seconds that ended the game and won it for Dorman.

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