Ohana Day: At Dorman, We’re Family!

by David Hawkins

Many of us grew up with Lilo & Stitch so we know what “ohana” means. “Ohana” means family, so today’s theme is Dorman Day with a Hawaiian twist.

Kara Thornton and Kaylee Warren (Taken by Haley Mainville)

Kailey Eggert & Jessie deGuzman (Taken by Hope Culbreth)
Haley Jones, Caitlyn Crocker, and Alexis Puckett (Taken by Hope Culbreth)
Jana Pruitt, Ellison Allen, Kesia Scruggs(Taken by Haley Mainville)

Tomorrow will be the conclusion of Homecoming Spirit Week, Cavaliers! You are invited to the ball, so be sure to dress nice! The Homecoming Parade will also take place tomorrow during 2nd block. That night our Dorman Football team will face Rock Hill in what is sure to be a great game!



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