Walt Disney Wednesday: The Disney Kingdom Comes to Dorman!

by David Hawkins

Disneyland is often regarded as the place where dreams come true. Here at Dorman, our staff tries to make this the place where dreams begin. You can get involved with programs and take courses that put you on the right track to achieve your dreams. To celebrate Homecoming Spirit Week, we chose a Disney theme to give students the chance to dress like their favorite characters!

Buzz Lightyear joins the parade of balloons! (Taken by David Hawkins)
Chris Skinner and Hannah Smith as Flynn Ryder and Rapunzel! (Taken by David Hawkins)
Jazmin from Aladdin! (Taken by David Hawkins)
Two mice and two dalmatians outside the C Wing cafe! (Taken by David Hawkins)
Gwynne Holland as Stitch!  (Taken by Hope Culbreth)
Mr. McLeskey  as Goofy roaming the hallways of Dorman! (Taken by Hope Culbreth)
Russel explores the forests of Dorman in search of some new badges! (Taken by Hope Culbreth)
A minion appears to have dropped in on Disney Day. (Taken by Hope Culbreth)

And that ends another day of Homecoming Spirit Week, Cavaliers! Tomorrow is Dorman Day with a Hawaiian twist!


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