Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum: Twin Day At Dorman!

by David Hawkins

For the next day of Homecoming spirit week, Dorman students found a friend or friends to twin with.

Our sports co-editor, Cole Kinnington, with Mike Wazowski, Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse. (Taken by David Hawkins)

Mikayla Carter and Damon Kammerer choose a third party candidate! (Taken by David Hawkins)
Students twinning in C Wing. (Taken by David Hawkins)
Hannah Smith and Chris Skinner twin with a cat nose and whiskers to match! (Taken by David Hawkins)

Homecoming Spirit Week continues with Walt Disney Wednesday tomorrow! Wear a shirt or hat featuring your favorite Disney character or go the extra mile and dress up like one of your favorite characters!


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