The Playoffs Begin

The Cavaliers took home a 57-27 win against West Ashley Friday night. The game opened the 4A Division I playoffs. They will travel to Dutch Fork this Friday.

Dorman led 21-20 into the half. Player Shanard Bain 4-yard run and 2-point conversion gave the Cavaliers a 29-20 lead early in the third quarter. He later added a a 41-yard run.

Tyrek Long hauled in a 43-yard touchdown pass from Collin Hill. Hill later added an 8-yard touchdown run.


Dorman had a total of 546 yards. Bain had 21 carries for 209 yards with three touchdowns. Hill was 15-of-21 for 307 yards with three touchdowns. Long had seven catches for 212 yards with two touchdowns.

Photos by Kia Winters


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